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Promises sweeten the blow by InvincibleSkye
Mature content
Promises sweeten the blow :iconinvincibleskye:InvincibleSkye 0 0
Trying to be creepy by InvincibleSkye Trying to be creepy :iconinvincibleskye:InvincibleSkye 1 2
I'm slowly killing pieces of myself
That you do not like or appreciate
I'm sorry but it looks like
There's not much of me left anymore.
There's still this stupid shell
And a faint shadow left to
Remind me of the pieces
That used to be there.
Everywhere I walk I leave a
Trail of blood behind me.
And nobody walks with me anymore
because they know exactly
How toxic my blood will be.
But I want to die so badly
And oh you will not understand
What it feels like to have
Your flesh ripped out of your
Beloved shell to belong?
:iconinvincibleskye:InvincibleSkye 0 0
It's not lonely,
It's just painful.
It's the kind of pain
I can't explain,
Nor will you understand.
As days go by,
I'm turning into a pile
of nothing
Nobody wants.
:iconinvincibleskye:InvincibleSkye 1 7
Chasing the sun
You know there was this girl
who ran after the sun.
She was so brave, honest, positive,
optimistic and fearless.
She was everything I wanted to be,
she had everything I didn't have.
Maybe that's why I kept holding on
to her,
Hoping to at least be a little
version of who she was.
Being next to her, comforted me.
Her aura was so overpowering that,
I thought it would rub off me too.
But as time went by,
she got closer and closer
to her chasing Sun,
while I struggled to keep up
with my weak bones.
I still admire her you know,
because the moment she realized
how closer she was to her sun,
she never looked back.
Sometimes I wish she did,
but at the the same time reaching
the sun was more important,
than holding on to a friend.
Friends come and go,
like seasons and weather
but definitely not the sun
she wanted to chase so badly.
I hope she never looks back
to see my pathetic,
desperate little face.

Copyright © Invincibleskye 2015
:iconinvincibleskye:InvincibleSkye 2 4
Apple time by InvincibleSkye Apple time :iconinvincibleskye:InvincibleSkye 0 2 Draining by InvincibleSkye
Mature content
Draining :iconinvincibleskye:InvincibleSkye 0 2
Raining colours by InvincibleSkye Raining colours :iconinvincibleskye:InvincibleSkye 4 4
Love me
Don't know why but
I cried so much today.
Curled up like a baby
in front of the mirror.
Frizzled hair,red eyes
pale face, my not so thin frame,
dark circles,torn clothes
and fading appearance
scared the hell outta me.
So I asked
Mirror! Mirror!'Who are you?'
Like a ghost with no soul
she stared back blankly.
Was she afraid to respond?
Or were the words stuck in her
throat and won't come
out of her mouth?
Out of desperation,
I tried again.
'Do you care enough to save me?'
I screamed as loud as I can.
This time, the girl in the mirror
looked up through the warm,
flowing tears and sighed.
She was choking with pain.
Suddenly, with a new found courage
she screamed back saying,
'Why?, So that you can drown again?'
Her voice echoed through the walls
and started drumming in my head.
Wrapped my arms around my knees
to compose myself,
With trembling lips
and bursting sadness
I yelled back at her,
The girl in the mirror wept
till she could no more,
not because she didn't know
but she
:iconinvincibleskye:InvincibleSkye 2 0
Sketching my way back... by InvincibleSkye Sketching my way back... :iconinvincibleskye:InvincibleSkye 1 2
Bleeding love

You stabbed me in the heart
Not once but twice.
I did not show pain
Because darling,
My love for you
Was greater than
Your game.
As I lay down here staring
At the fading moon,
Waiting for the end
I feel nothing.
Lifeless and numb
Soon to be a ghost,
Like you hoped.
I hope you realise
That if I die
I would be proud
As I died bleeding
From your love
Under the
watchful eye
of the magnificent
midnight sky.
Copyright Invincibleskye 2013
:iconinvincibleskye:InvincibleSkye 5 9
Don't lie to me.
I breathe your energy deep
into my chest.
I can smell your brightest dreams
and your darkest fears.
I can taste your genuine honesty
and your insincerity.
I can feel your unconditional love
and your crippling pain.

So don't even think about
lying to me.

Copyright Invincibleskye 2013
:iconinvincibleskye:InvincibleSkye 5 4
We can do It! by InvincibleSkye We can do It! :iconinvincibleskye:InvincibleSkye 4 11 It's too bright. by InvincibleSkye It's too bright. :iconinvincibleskye:InvincibleSkye 1 0 Charcoal Sketch by InvincibleSkye Charcoal Sketch :iconinvincibleskye:InvincibleSkye 2 0 Fairytale Memory by InvincibleSkye Fairytale Memory :iconinvincibleskye:InvincibleSkye 1 6
I hope you all enjoy looking through! Thank you so much :)


Fruit by Doringota Fruit :icondoringota:Doringota 536 14 Sleep by pseudozufall Sleep :iconpseudozufall:pseudozufall 159 15 Books and Tea by pseudozufall Books and Tea :iconpseudozufall:pseudozufall 116 3 Blue Child by XRlS Blue Child :iconxrls:XRlS 498 132 Farewell by wlop Farewell :iconwlop:wlop 4,896 108 without any pretension by BlueCaroline without any pretension :iconbluecaroline:BlueCaroline 727 65 Invitation by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Invitation by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 192 8 Old Streets by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Old Streets by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 1,636 127 Autumn Fog by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Autumn Fog by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 310 13 Last days of summer - Renee Adoree by AuroraWienhold Last days of summer - Renee Adoree :iconaurorawienhold:AuroraWienhold 175 3 speak no evil // castiel by sarehkee speak no evil // castiel :iconsarehkee:sarehkee 466 21 cooking by lanxingxxxx cooking :iconlanxingxxxx:lanxingxxxx 104 10 190616 by XIIIDC 190616 :iconxiiidc:XIIIDC 259 20
Fire To Ash
Our love was a fire
and it left me in ashes.
:iconglasses-and-blades:Glasses-And-Blades 25 4
Loving Death
I saw Death again tonight.
He detached himself
from the shadows in the corner
and bowed down next to me
his surprisingly soft cloak
whispering against my cheek.
He had beautiful eyes
hidden deep beneath
endless folds of
stitched together night sky.
Eyes of fire-
a dark flame dancing.
Eyes of ice-
sharp shards cleaving through me.
Eyes of emerald-
the aching memory of the fields on that Summer day.
He stared at me,
a sense of affection flickering through them,
as he curled his icy hands
of worn-through bone
around my wrist.
I didn't fear his touch,
I welcomed it
like that of a lover's embrace.
And he leaned over
bending over my exposed wrist
and gently placed his lips against my flesh.
His mouth was warm-
that of one
who knows all too well
how to kiss goodbye.
My eyes fluttered closed
as death kissed my
blood-soaked arm
feeling him mend my cuts
with his strangely loving touch.
And I stared at him
questions swimming in my eyes-
but he merely
kissed them away, too.
"Not tonight, my dear,
:iconglasses-and-blades:Glasses-And-Blades 200 68
Beautiful Disaster
You came to me-
a sinner with wild eyes
and saw me as an angel.
I had flowers in my hair,
you had blood on your hands.
You saw my love as a halo
circling my flyaway hair
and thought my forgiveness to be wings
that could lift my frail body into the air.
But I got down next to you
on hands and knees
and showed you the slits in my soul,
the imperfections marring my body.
Yet you still looked at me with wonder in your eyes
saying my heart was still more pure than a human's would be.
And slipping my small hands in between yours
blood slid between them,
staining my hands along with yours
and I promised you
I'd save you if you saved me, too.
And together we were a beautiful disaster.
:iconglasses-and-blades:Glasses-And-Blades 96 12
I absolutely love these <3



I am so frustrated right now. I finally ended up planning and came up with an idea to paint on my brand new canvas. I was all looking forward to it and mixing paint.
But no. All the plans just went out the window now that I'm burning up with fever. My eyes are constantly watering up and I can barely see the canvas. This sucks. 
Uni will start soon and now when will I ever find time and motivation to paint again? Aishhh...(That's how Koreans swear when they get frustrated.)
I wanted to experiment with some Halloween make up ideas as well. I really wanted to do that so badly.
So many things to do and many things are in the way of completing anything.
When am I ever gonna finish studying about Gas turbine engines and hydraulics? Work is piling up but all I wanna do lately is paint. 
  • Listening to: Nocturne- Secret garden

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That's exactly it - I am crazy sad and somewhere deep inside, all I want is to fly. - Jandy Nelson


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I really should start drawing to keep myself sane I think I've fainted. 
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Thank you and although this is late, that was such a sweet birthday wish :) :happybounce: Hug  
Lila-Heart Featured By Owner May 26, 2016   Digital Artist
Remember, people will only say nasty things to you because there is something wrong with them

I know this. I know how people work. I know that when people are unhappy with their own lives they will try to bring others down in an attempt to try and make themselves feel better. And whether they succeed or not, they still lose. If someone doesn't like you, it's THEIR problem :heart: and they have to live with that burden. Click and block, Gil. Click and block. 
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